There was never a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him to sleep. Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you haven't time to respond to a tug at your pants leg, your schedule is too crowded. Robert Brault

Whats driving a bus like? Seventy of your kids in the back seat going to town. Mr. Brandon

Thursday, May 21, 2015

"When the Door Closes"

I am very much a glass half empty kind of person to say otherwise would draw a rebuttal article from my wife.  My wife on the other hand is very much a glass half full kind of person.  She has high hope for me even after all these years, which shows a great deal of patience on her behalf.  I have tried to learn from her example in finding the best in all things though it takes some deep searching some times. With the end of the school year comes a reminiscence of how the year has gone.  I have been blessed to be associated with a great variety of students and as they leave the bus for the last time this school year I try to say thank you.  There is the child that steps off the bus and as you close the door you say, “Thank you Lord for they have been a true joy and blessing and have enriched my life this year.”  There is the child that steps off the bus and as you close the door you say, “Thank you Lord for having given me the opportunity to help guide this young child to a path more productive and in turn helping me develop my patience.”  Then there is the child that steps off the bus and you say, “Thank you Lord that this door is hydraulic and closes so quickly.”

Monday, May 11, 2015

"Sub Needed"

You have looked for your glasses while they were on your head.  You have looked for your cell phone while holding it in your hand.  Often someone else must point out to us what should be obvious.  There was a commotion in the back of the bus and I responded in a reasonable way or so it seemed to me, by asking the poor misguided student to suspend the undesirable behavior. I’m not exactly sure of the words I used or the tone in which it was delivered but I’m sure it was appropriate.  After the verbal exchange a third grade boy spoke up and said, “Mr. Brandon, just how long has it been since you had a break from us?  I’m thinking you need a day off.  Maybe even a week off.  Until you get a little break let me help you with this, take a deep breath, now slowly blow it out.”  He repeated the instructions for me several times till I had the hang of it.  Note to self, put in for a sub driver as soon as I get back to school.

Monday, May 4, 2015

“Thesaurus Needed”

Just the right word, it can make all the difference in the thought you are trying to convey.  Sometimes political correctness has to go out the window and you have to go for the knockout punch that leaves the listener with no doubt about what you were trying to say.  The conversation started this way, “Mr. Brandon, I don’t like this word and I just don’t like using it but I have no choice so I’m just going to say it.”  You know the list of words that were now scrolling through my mind.  “Mr. Brandon my relatives are……., are………. stupid.  There I said it, they’re stupid.  I hated to do it but it’s done.  My Grandpa gave some of them one hundred dollars and they spent it on junk just junk.  They could have used it on important stuff like paying their bills or on gas for their cars but no they just bought junk.  Yes they are stupid.”  I’m sure I was hearing the highlights of a sermon that Grandpa had already preached.  He continued on for a few more minutes and then crossed his arms and sit in disgruntled silence.  To paraphrase John Wayne, “Sometimes a boy’s gotta say what a boy’s gotta say.”  Maybe next time he could describe them as “Financially Challenged”.